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Featured in Cape Cod Home 2023 Summer Living Edition

Cape Cod Home 2023 Summer includes an expansive feature story about our new product line, Custom Mahogany Screen and Storm Porch Panels. The piece highlights the fine quality and customization of our panels and captures the essence of porch time.

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Where Products Are Made the Way They Used To Be

Combining the finest materials and age-old carpentry techniques, our products are made to stand the test of time, endure the passing seasons and years, and evoke the nostalgia of days gone by. Whether you’re battening down the hatches for the impending storm or enjoying the classic “thwack” of the old screen door slamming shut, our products are sure to transport you back to a simpler time when quality materials and craftsmanship were combined to yield a great product.

We are located on the Old Kings Highway in Brewster, Massachusetts. A quintessential village of the Cape, home to the early Sea Captain’s, we acquired and renovated the Brewster Garage, one of the original gas stations on Cape Cod, and made it our home. This restoration of a historic building was a labor of love and we were awarded the Cape Cod Realtors Association Award for Best Renovated Building in 1997. Since then, we have expanded our business to the quaint fishing village of Chatham, Massachusetts where many of our products are manufactured and finished.

We manufacture custom high-quality Interior and Exterior Shutters, Mahogany Screen and Storm Doors as well as a line of Adirondack furniture featuring our Classic Adirondack Chair.

Please come visit us if you find your way to Cape Cod, and if not, please enjoy our gallery of images which follow that will begin your journey back to those special days gone by.

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